Chamber Established to Promote Enterprises in the Carpathian Region

2019. augusztus 15.

Chamber Press / MTI

Fourteen private individuals and the Hungarian Chamber of Commerce have set up a new organisation to foster economic integration and promote regional cooperation between enterprises of the Carpathian Basin, HCCI President László Parragh said. Deputy Prime Minister Zsolt Semjén and chief patron of the new Carpathian Basin Business Promotion Chamber told a press conference after the founding ceremony that the government “seeks to act as a catalyst” and create a business infrastructure for the benefit of Hungarians living both within and outside Hungary. Helping businesses in the region “under market conditions and on a basis of a partnership of equals” is a priority for the government, he added.

László Parragh said that the new chamber will have its headquarters in Hungary and will focus on financing business projects. State agencies and major Hungarian companies active in other countries of the region will be encouraged to join the organisation, he added.